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This section contains a variety of research covering the wider fleet industry. This includes our report on the UK ‘Grey Fleet’, and our survey into attitudes to fleet technology.

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Latest General Statistics

According to the latest BVRLA Sustainability Credentials figures, the average company car emits 11% less CO2 than the average personal lease car and 19% less CO2 than the average grey fleet car.

The motor vehicle leasing and rental industry accounts for more than one in every seven vehicles on the UK’s roads, solving transport issues for businesses and individuals alike.

The opportunity to lease and rent vehicles offers firms and households access to modern, fuel-efficient vehicles without the strain of upfront capital expenditure. But beyond the benefits enjoyed by its customers, the industry also contributes a huge amount to the national economy, as outlined in this report.



Connectivity  and  vehicle  data  are  already  disrupting  the  traditional  economics  and  R&D  focus  of  the  automotive  industry,  as  well  as  many  of  the  legal  frameworks  and  business  models  that  have  served  the  fleet  industry  for  so  many  years.

Latest data from the BVRLA shows that membership has continued to grow throughout 2017. As the association’s 50th year drew to a close, membership reached 931, with a record fleet size of almost 5 million vehicles – that’s 1-in-8 cars, 1-in-5 vans and 1-in-5 trucks licensed on UK roads.

An increasing number of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) joined the BVRLA and all core membership categories saw a year-on-year increase. The association recruited 77 new members over the course of 2017 and saw a net year-on-year gain of 23 members across all sectors.

The latest BVRLA Fleet Technology Survey has provided some much-needed insight into the sector’s views on connected vehicle and driver data.

There were nearly 300 responses to the 2016 survey, with BVRLA members and fleet managers sharing their views on data access, control, protection, sharing and cost. In a separate questionnaire, drivers were asked about their attitudes on sharing data.

Organisations across the UK are missing a huge opportunity to slash their business travel costs, cut harmful CO2 and NOx emissions and improve road safety, according to a report commissioned by the BVRLA.

Results from the BVRLA's 2016 research into fleet attitudes of new technology

Graphics show the impressive growth of the vehicle rental and leasing sector in 2015.