H2 2016 Leasing Broker Statistics

  • Leasing broker members of the BVRLA were responsible for 261,653 vehicles on contract at the end of 2016.
  • The latest BVRLA data shows that leasing brokers’ combined car and van volumes grew by 26% since the end of 2016.
  • Leasing brokers’ total car volumes increased by 24% to 184,779 units. Much of this growth was driven by personal contract hire, which has seen its share of leasing broker business rise to 47% at the end of year, up from 39% at the start of 2016. Looking at 2016 in isolation, personal contract hire accounted for 56% of all new agreements signed by leasing brokers.
  • Meanwhile brokers’ total van leasing volumes increased by 30% to 76,874 units. 
Publication Date: 
Friday, March 10, 2017