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New Legislation

New legislation, whether from the UK government or the European Union, is monitored closely by the BVRLA and its potential impact on members assessed.

The BVRLA meets with policymakers to discuss pending changes and works hard to limit any adverse effects.

Related Policy Updates

Related Consultation Responses

Response Title Response Document

BVRLA Submission to the 2014 Budget

BVRLA's submission to the Chancellor on the 2014 Budget.
PDF icon budget_submission_2014.pdf

Carbon Auditing Schemes

The BVRLA has called for rental and leasing companies to be able to carry out audits on fleets under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.
PDF icon carbon_auditing_bvrla_response_1013.pdf

FCA Fees BVRLA response 0514

comment on the fees regime for 2014/15 for the Financial Conduct Authority
PDF icon fca_fees_bvrla_response_0514.pdf

FCA Fees Consultation 2018

The BVRLA's response regarding proposals for the 2018 fees which leasing companies and brokers pay to the FCA
PDF icon bvrla_response_fca_fees_0118.pdf

Further improving lorry safety in London

BVRLA's response on the proposal from TfL to fit vision panels in passenger-side doors, wherever they can be fitted, as a mandatory standard for lorries operating in London.
PDF icon saferlorriestfl0316.pdf

Government intervention on 'clocking'

BVRLA's calls for regulation of mileage correction companies
PDF icon clocking_consultation_bvrla_response_1016.pdf

HGV Road User Levy - secondary legislation

BVRLA's thoughts on the secondary legislation for the HGV Road User Levy
PDF icon hgv_road_user_levy_secondary_legislation_bvrla_response_1113.pdf

HM Treasury consumer credit regime

HM Treasury consumer credit regime - response to HM Treasury on the regulation for the new consumer credit regime
PDF icon HM Treasury consumer credit

Increase to the Penalty for Using a Hand Held Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

BVRLA comment on the increase in penalties for using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving
PDF icon mobilephonesbvrla_response_0316.pdf

London congestion charge changes

BVRLA's response to TfL's consultation response on the London congestion charge scheme changes which include various changes and increase to the daily charge
PDF icon london_congestion_charge_scheme_bvrla_response_0314.pdf

Rising Costs of Whiplash Claims

Whiplash Claims - response to the Ministry of Justice on ways to reduce whiplash claims
PDF icon Whiplash claims

Road user charging scheme

Road user charging scheme - proposals to introduce regulation which will allow charging authorities to enforce road user charging schemes such as the Dartford Toll Crossing.
PDF icon Road user charging

Statutory Register of Lobbyists

Statutory Register of Lobbyists - Response to HM Government on the proposed Register of Statutory Lobbyists.
PDF icon Statutory register of lobbyists

Strategic Road Network BVRLA Response

BVRLA's response to the transport select committee's inquiry into the strategic road network
PDF icon strategic_road_network_bvrla_response_1013.pdf

Suggestion for the Law Commission on law reform

Proposal from the BVRLA to the Law Commission to ensure courts are able to strike out fraudulently exaggerated claims
PDF icon law_commission_12th_programme_bvrla_response_1013.pdf

Transforming the Highways Agency into a publicly owned company

BVRLA response to the consultation on transforming the Highways Agency into a publicly owned company
PDF icon highways_agency_bvrla_response_1213.pdf