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RAC warns of fuel prices edging up

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Prices of both petrol and diesel went up by 1p per litre during July and are likely to continue to rise throughout the summer, according to the RAC.

The biggest drivers of this price hike were supermarkets, many of which have reversed the cuts in fuel prices that were introduced in June.

The RAC has monitored the fluctuating price averages over the past year, and last month referred to the increase as “completely unjustifiable”.

The effect of this see-saw pricing means petrol now stands at an average 128.8p a litre, with diesel up at 131.85p. It costs £7.50 more to fill a 55-litre unleaded fuel tank compared to the same point in 2017, and £8.77 more to fill an equivalent diesel.

You can read more here on the RAC website.