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BVRLA response to Joint Select Committee report into Air Quality

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The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), whose members own and operate nearly five million cars, vans and trucks in the UK, has welcomed the publication of todays Joint Select Committee report into Air Quality.

Commenting on the report’s findings, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said:

“We have been engaging with members, businesses and local policymakers around the country to promote a more fleet-friendly approach to air quality.

“We are happy to see that this Joint Committee has responded so positively to our submission, which focussed on the need to promote transport behaviour change, provide more support for electric vehicles and deliver a managed transition away from dirty diesel.

“We strongly welcome the Joint Committee’s recognition that there needs to be a greater alignment between the tax regime and efforts to improve air quality. The tax system is crucial to incentivising the right vehicle choice.

“We recently wrote to the Chancellor urging him to accelerate the introduction of its 2% Company Car Tax band for zero-emission vehicles. This tax band is currently scheduled to increase over the next two years to a high of 16% in 2019/20, before dropping to 2% the year after. This is putting the brakes on new EV registrations from company car drivers, many of whom are keen to make the jump to zero-emission motoring.

Keaney added: “We are also pleased to see the Joint Committee highlighting our Mobility Credits proposal, which suggests using a targeted scrappage scheme that encourages local motorists to give up their polluting old diesel car in favour of a credit that can be used on public transport, bike share, car rental or car club journeys.”

“The report is also right to highlight the need for a more joined-up approach from government departments, together with more centralised support for local authorities, delivered by the Joint Ait Quality Unit (JAQU).”


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