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Members are encouraged to check stock of VE103 forms

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Members are being reminded to check their stock of VE103 forms with demand expected to peak leading up to the fast-approaching Easter holidays.

Many customers of BVRLA members will be looking to take vehicles abroad when vacationing overseas and they must get a VE103 before they travel.

BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett says: “Whether it’s because they are not aware of the rules, or they decide to take the risk, there are drivers who travel abroad in a leased vehicle without the correct VE103 documentation. And we aren’t just talking about company cars; there are a significant number of commercial vehicles that leave the UK without a VE103 too.  It is essential that businesses understand their responsibilities and educate drivers to avoid significant disruption that can occur when vehicles are stopped and found without the appropriate paperwork.”

As the trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing industry, the BVRLA provides VE103B certificates to its members.

Orders for pads of certificates should be placed by 3pm this Thursday 15th March. The cut-off date for single, emergency certificates is 3pm on Wednesday 28th March, for delivery by 1pm on Thursday 29th March.

Should you need to replenish stock before Easter, contact BVRLA Member Services Executive, Laura Birdsey.