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Last call for members to take part in 2018 Members Survey

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For over a decade the BVRLA has been surveying members annually to help shape and improve the service it provides, and the association wants to hear from as many people as possible before the survey closes.

The BVRLA is grateful to all those members who have already taken part and is issuing a last call to those yet to share views.

The association is always keen to hear from as many people as possible and hopes to attract participation from across all membership categories.

The results of the survey are crucial to ensure that the BVRLA is delivering value for its members, gauging satisfaction levels, effectiveness of communications, and general feedback on what matters most to members and how easy it is to work with the association.

The survey also helps the association to identify which policy areas should be prioritised for the year ahead and informs where resources and efforts should be focussed.

All BVRLA rental, leasing and broker members should access the survey via this link.

Associate members should access a different survey via this link.