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Improvements to Dart Charge system

Improvements to Dart Charge system
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Highways England has implemented its first phase of improvements to the Dart Charge system which improves the online search facility enabling fleet account users to easily find details of their vehicles, including information about when the vehicle was added, crossing history and charging history.

The second phase, due to be introduced mid-August, will provide the ability to pay for crossings on a specific date, alleviating the chance of multiple charges to one vehicle.

The third phase, due mid-September, will see the removal of the warning letter, with only the PNC being issued. First offences will retain the opportunity to pay the reduced fee. There will also be a facility to pay multiple PNCs at once.

Highways England are inviting regular users of the Dartford Crossing to take part in a short Dart Charge Commercial Survey as part of their work to explore further opportunities for improvement. The BVRLA is encouraging members and customers to take the opportunity to share your views.