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Government seeks industry views on Future of Mobility

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The Government has shared its thinking on how new technology can help make transport greener, safer and more accessible. It has published two new calls for evidence as part of the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge, one of four strands to its Industrial Strategy.

The first call is asking for ideas on how technology can cut congestion, reduce pollution, improve safety and increase mobility for the elderly and disabled. The Government is looking towards a new generation of mobility services that delivers increased automation, journey-sharing and a blurring of public and private transport. Anyone wishing to respond to this call can do so here.

Last mile delivery is the subject of the second call. The government is seeking views on the potential opportunities to protect the environment, support business and improve road safety through the increased use of e-cargo bikes, micro-vehicles and e-vans in last mile deliveries. This call for evidence can be found here.