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Government promotes BVRLA’s activities in Industrial Strategy Bulletin

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The BVRLA has featured an article about the ‘Plug-in-Pledge’ in a news bulletin published by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), marking the first time that the association has been invited to write for a government-owned news channel.

The bulletin, which is sent out to 5000 subscribers including businesses, institutions and local authorities, promotes the activities of government, business, academia and society, showing what activities are taking place in support of the UK Industrial Strategy.

The UK Industrial Strategy launched in November 2017 with the aim of setting out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK. At the heart of the Strategy are four Grand Challenges: Artificial Intelligence and Data, Ageing Society, Clean Growth, and Future of Mobility.

The BVRLA is taking a proactive approach to engaging with the government departments leading on the Clean Growth and Future of Mobility strands to make them aware of the important role that our sector can play in helping them to deliver their ambitions.

BVRLA Communications Manager Andrea Davies said: “We are developing good working relationships with government communicators across all key policy-leading departments and this work is really starting to pay off. We are gaining better access to influencers as well as channels of influence. This is the first time that the BVRLA has been invited to write an article for a government-owned communication platform and we are looking forward to doing more.

“Although not a lobbying platform, access to government-owned communications channels helps to raise the profile of the BVRLA and strengthen our voice amongst policymakers and parliamentarians, positioning us as a body to be listened to.”

You can subscribe to receive the Industrial Strategy Bulletin via this link.

The BVRLA’s Plug-in-Pledge article linked through to further information promoting the Parliamentary Reception and the support that the Pledge has received from MPs.