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Government investigates tyre and brake particulate emissions

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Together, the Department for Transport, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles have published a new call for evidence on vehicle emissions.
The Departments are especially interested in evidence related to particulate emissions; calculating the amounts emitted by vehicles, and the impact that heavier vehicles such as electric cars (due to carrying a weighty battery) have on particulate dispersal.

This call for evidence marks a change in approach for the government which has previously focused predominantly on engine pollution. As the industry begins to respond by creating cleaner engines the focus appears to be shifting towards other forms such as tyre and brake dust. This will undoubtedly lead to more stringent standards for tyres and brakes as well as the introduction of new technologies to mitigate this form of pollution.

The BVRLA will be responding to this call for evidence by highlighting the significant role its members’ have to play in improving particulate emissions. As BVRLA members already have a higher number of Euro 6 vehicles on their fleets and the turn over from older to new vehicles is more rapid than the national average, they are primed to offer a swift, improved performance in terms of particulate emissions. Equally, rental and car clubs also decrease unnecessary mileage and therefore reduce resulting particulate emissions.

The Departmental call for evidence is available to read in full on the website.