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Government consults on Future of Mobility Strategy

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The Department for Transport (DfT) has launched a consultation to help inform its plans to encourage greater take-up of more sustainable modes of transport. This forms part of the DfT’s work on the ‘Future of Mobility’, which is a focus of the UK Industrial Strategy.

The DfT intends to publish a strategy on the future of urban mobility.

BVRLA members are well placed to support alternative mobility options by offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to ‘use’ rather than ‘own’ a vehicle through car clubs and rental.

The BVRLA has previously also championed a ‘Mobility Credits’ scheme which could give credits to those seeking to scrap old, unwanted vehicles, that could instead be used to pay for public transport, bicycle schemes, car clubs and other sustainable transport choices.

Mobility Credits could be a viable alternative option to the current diesel scrappage scheme which simply finances the direct replacement of the scrapped vehicle.

The BVRLA will be working with members to formulate its response to the consultation and will publish the final submission ahead of the deadline on 10th September.

The consultation document is available to read in full on the website.