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European-wide concern that the new WLTP test will impact taxation 

European-wide concern that the new WLTP test will impact taxation 
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The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) is calling for governments to address the negative tax impact of the new WLTP car emissions test. 

From 1 September this year, the new test for measuring emissions from cars, WLTP, will officially apply to all new car types (models that are introduced on the European market for the first time). From September 2018, the lab test will be extended to all new cars sold across the EU.

With little more than a month left, Europe’s auto manufacturers caution that consumers should not be faced with increased car taxation following the introduction of this new test.

WLTP will introduce much more realistic conditions for measuring real world emissions than the current lab test (NEDC) and will provide a more accurate basis for calculating a car or van’s fuel consumption and CO2 performance.

Simply because it is more rigorous than the old test, WLTP will result in a higher CO2 value for a specific vehicle compared to NEDC. However, as the performance of the car itself will not be affected, ACEA calls on national governments to ensure that the transition to WLTP will not negatively impact vehicle taxation.

ACEA’s press release, issued on 27 July can be read in full here.