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Customers taking vehicles abroad

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The BVRLA would like to remind members that photocopies, and/or letters of authority, are not acceptable alternatives to the VE103B certificate. The consequences of not having the original certificate will vary from country to country but the driver may be fined and in some cases the vehicle impounded.

For leased or rented vehicles, the Vehicle on Hire certificate (VE103) provides the necessary authenticated proof that the hirer has permission, from the vehicle owner, to take the vehicle abroad. It enables the authorities to verify that the person driving the vehicle has the permission to do so. Photocopies are not acceptable.

The BVRLA provides members and their customers with an emergency next-day delivery service for VE103B certificates provided that the order is received before 3pm. This is available Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Certificates needed for Saturday delivery can be arranged, provided the order is received before 3pm on a Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) but will incur a further postage charge.

If your customer doesn’t give you enough notice for you to get a VE103B certificate to them, please contact the BVRLA to purchase an emergency certificate or to obtain advice.

The BVRLA issued a press release last month (July) making customers aware of the importance of knowing what to do when taking a rented or leased vehicle abroad. The release attracted much interest, being published across multiple print and digital media outlets.

A fact sheet for members about taking vehicles abroad is available here.