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BVRLA responds to consultation on how consumers are treated

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The BVRLA has responded to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consultation on its ‘Modernising Consumer Markets’ Green Paper which seeks to improve how businesses treat their customers through increased fairness and transparency.

The BVRLA response highlights future opportunities to utilise technology to help consumers better understand terms and conditions. The response also references the important work of the association’s conciliation service in handling unresolved complaints between members and their customers. This service also acts as a vital learning process for the continual improvement of dispute resolution for businesses and customers.

The association believes that a mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme gives consumers greater confidence and encourages the take-up of the service. The BVRLA has already adopted this approach with its members who must adhere to the decision reached by its conciliation service as a condition of their membership. Within their consultation response the BVRLA suggests this approach could also be replicated outside the association.

The consultation response is available to read in full on the BVRLA website.