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BVRLA outlines position on Connected Vehicles and Data

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The BVRLA has published its latest Position Paper outlining what we are asking of policymakers to support the sector to help realise the full potential of connected vehicles and data.
Innovations and developments in vehicle and mobile technologies are changing business models across the automotive industry with data and connected vehicles are bringing new challenges and opportunities to the fleet sector.

The key policy asks include:
• To provide specific guidance for the automotive industry to support GDPR compliance
• To act now to ensure that legislation supports an open and fair competitive environment
• To help preserve the industry’s direct and unrestricted access to vehicle data
• To engage with the BVRLA and its members to ensure a collective and coordinated approach from government, regulators and industry

The Position Paper also includes some key messages that the association is asking members to actively share, ensuring a joined-up sector-wide approach.

You can access all BVRLA Position Papers, which have been updated for Q2-2018, here on the BVRLA website.