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BVRLA forges ahead with investment plans

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The recent extension and refurbishment of the BVRLA office space has made way for the arrival of two new additional members of staff to help support members in the areas of public affairs and compliance.

Rachael Hewish joins the communications team as Public Affairs Manager and Hayleigh Clayton joins as Compliance Officer. We welcome them both to the BVRLA family.

The BVRLA Three-Year Plan 2018-20 outlined the association’s plan to make significant investment in infrastructure, research, internal and external expertise and the first quarter of 2018 has seen a great deal of progress, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and resource.

As well as growing its internal resource, the association has been investing in accessing the services of external public affairs specialists to support the association’s lobbying work.    

There has also been investment into a new website, where scoping and design is well underway. The new site will be tested by a selection of people including members to ensure that the final product delivers a positive experience for users. The site will launch later this year.

You can read the Business Plan ‘one-pager’ here on the BVRLA website.