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BVRLA e-Learning Platform for leasing brokers

BVRLA e-Learning Platform for leasing brokers
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The BVRLA e-Learning Platform continues to sign-up members with over 530 individuals currently subscribed to the platform. This puts the association on track to meet its ambition of having 1000 users by the end of the year.

Just under 10% of leasing broker members are using the platform and the BVRLA would like to see many more members taking advantage of the service.

Compliance Officer Siobhan Connolly from Fleet Alliance was amongst the first to sign-up to the platform:

“It provides effective training content that is tailored to our industry, which is generally not available with any other off-the-shelf training packages. This ensures a deeper understanding of the content across our users.

The system is easy to use, and the content is of a high quality. Staff say they like the interactive questions and specific examples that are used throughout the modules.

From a management perspective, locking users out after three attempts to complete a module is a good way to ensure that they absorb the content and pass within two tries. The admin section is useful as it provides all managers with oversight of their team’s performance.

It’s a very useful induction tool to introduce new employees to the various topics they must comply with throughout their employment, and it’s easy to have new users set up. It is also a good training tool for remote staff, who often miss out on in-house training sessions.

As with any new system, there have been some teething issues, however the BVRLA training team offered excellent support and have worked with us to ensure that our issues are resolved quickly and don’t impact on the user experience.

It takes away a lot of the administration time that used to be spent on our previous platform as the BVRLA provide this support for us.”

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