A to Z Guidance List

Rental vehicles and terrorism

2017 saw a spate of terrorist attacks where rental vehicles were used as ramming weapons to cause death and destruction in the UK and around the world. Since then, the BVRLA and its members have...

Returning your leased vehicle

At the end of the contract your vehicle will be returned to the leasing company and assessed to determine whether the vehicle meets the agreed returned condition.

Security Contact - Counter Terrorism Activities

The BVRLA needs a secure contact for your organisation.  We need the name of an individual who will be the main point of contact for, and distributor of, counter...

Setting up a rental company

Some hints and tips on setting up a rental business

Tax Disc Abolition Guidance

Guidance on the tax disc being abolished from 1 October 2014

Using the BVRLA’s conciliation service

If you are unable to resolve your dispute with one of our members you can refer to our conciliation service.

Vehicle funding

Advice on choosing a method of funding for acquiring a vehicle.

Vehicle Mileage Database

If you have conducted a mileage check on a vehicle and 'BVRLA’ appears on the report, this means that the vehicle was previously operated by a BVRLA member, a rental or leasing company.

Vehicle rental top tips

Top tips and key facts from the BVRLA on hiring a car or van

Vehicles travelling abroad

Consumer advice on taking a leased or rented vehicle abroad.