Security Contact - Counter Terrorism Activities

The BVRLA needs a secure contact for your organisation.  We need the name of an individual who will be the main point of contact for, and distributor of, counter terrorism and security related information. We would like the name, job title, email address and contact telephone number for your security contact and, where practical, a deputy within your organisation.  It is important that you keep us updated when individuals change jobs, leave the organisation etc.

The secure contact will receive and cascade all security-related material within the organisation and engage with NaCTSO, CPNI, CSSC and DfT on relevant law enforcement activities. These organisations are:

  • NaCTSO: National Counter Terrorism Security Office
  • CPNI: Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
  • CSSC: Cross Sector Safety & Security Communications
  • DfT: Department of Transport
  • NFIB: National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
  • NCSC: National Cyber Security Centre

Robust communications helps keep members safe and secure by distributing information that will assist them to develop robust resilience and emergency preparedness plans. 

Send the details of your secure contact to

We will ask for the secure contact on our renewal and on our membership forms going forward.

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To help those operating in the vehicle rental and leasing sector to mitigate the risk of an extremist attack we have put together a resource and guidance pack on the importance of effective customer qualification procedures.