BVRLA rental members: age policies

To help customers have a wide access to vehicle rental, the BVRLA has collated details of the major rental companies policies for renting vehicles.

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Minimum age for both cars and vans is 22 with some local exceptions.  
Age restrictions vary based upon size of car and van
Maximum age - there is no maximum age limit apart from some local exceptions
Prestige cars - minimum age is 25 with some vehicles having minimum age of 28 and 30

Have no maximum age limit or requirement for minimum driving experience.

The minimum age limits are:
25-29 for standard size cars, commercial vehicles (except Luton Vans) and mini MPVs
30+ for full size MPVs, Premium vehicles, 4x4s and Luton Vans
Minimum age 23
23-24 year olds – may rent small cars and short wheel based vans with a young driver supplement 
25 + year olds – may rent all vehicles including prestige cars but excluding luxury cars, where the minimum age is 30 and minibuses where the age in 35
There is no maximum age limit but in some countries, customers over 75 may need to meet specific conditions.
All drivers must be aged 21 or over. 
Drivers aged 21-24 may only rent cars up to Standard category, Economy and Short Wheel Base Vans.
Drivers of vehicle categories Prestige, Luxury and Elite must be aged 30 or over.
The additional daily charges of £33.00 (incl VAT) applied to drivers aged 21-24 is included in the quote provided.
Damage Liability Reduction is available at participating locations for an additional cost but is not available to drivers aged 21-24 or 70 and over or available on our Luxury or Elite range.

Minimum age 21 and the driving licence needs to be held for at least one year.

The maximum age is 75.